Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Meet Me at the Garden Gate

Changes are never ending with me.  However, I have to affirm that life would be pretty boring without them.  Both personally and professionally, I'm working towards a happy balance.  Baby steps.  With that, I have made changes with Stone Creek (again) and am now located in only one location.  However, we are not giving up doing shows! 

I had these visions that the more spaces I had, the more money I could pull in.  For me, that wasn't the case.  It always seemed that one of them did better than the rest - then the extra money I made off of that one booth seemed to be needed to cover the rents for the other booths.  Steadily churning.  It finally dawned on me that I needed to focus all energies on one space and one rent - one permanent place.  THAT was not a hard decision to make!

We've been in Through the Garden Gate Antiques for a little over six months and I am further honored to be able to work there part-time.  Why even try to be somewhere else?  I absolutely love it definite happy place.  Pam and Ronnie are wonderful people and they run their business like no one else. Beautiful souls.

So now, please meet me at the Garden Gate!  We've been busy stocking and will be changing over to Christmas very soon. 

Their Christmas Open House is November 8th!!  Just a few weeks away!  We'll be doing the Luckett's Holiday Design House and Flea at the Old Lucketts Store, so we won't be there -- but our booth will be brimming with a ton of holiday goodness!

'til next time!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

What a Little Paint Can Do....

It's truly amazing what paint can do.  We had this great 1980ish Thomasville bookcase in our space at Unique Antiques in it's raw form.  I was asked at the onset of taking this booth to not bring in painted furniture (other than old original painted), so I decided this would be a good candidate while serving as a much needed display piece. However, there it sat for months unsold. When we moved out a couple of weeks ago, there was no way that I would take it to our space at Through The Garden Gate Antiques unpainted.

So, the only decision I had was what color(s) to paint it.  No question, white is what sells at TTGG, but I really like to create things a little more interesting and give my pieces a bit of personality.  Wanting to keep this piece clean while showing off the great lines and cottage details, I went with an antique white with a khaki backboard and trim. 

What a transformation!!

Now it has a sweet cottage look and perfect for displaying so many things.  I think even the most die-hard painted furniture critics would have to agree with this one...

You can see a bit of another of my favorite new pieces in the "after" picture above....this repurposed frame with words to live by!

With that, 'til next time!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

French Gray Cedar Chest - A Primitive Twist

Happy Sunday!  I hope your weekend has been wonderful!

I'm on a roll!  Three posts this week...not bad for me. :)  I'm starting to get back into creative painting again, beginning with this awesome cedar chest.  In fact, I almost decided to keep it for the house.  

I didn't take a picture of the before...but just imagine it as a standard cedar chest.  Nothing fancy, but in nice shape.  I knew I wanted to do something different than the flat colors I've been using lately, so I pulled out my Real Milk Paint in French Gray (my all-time fav!).  

No prepping was needed....just a couple of coats of paint and a top coat of General Finishes Flat Top Coat after I sanded it to the time-worn look I wanted. 

The inside is super clean!

The sun was super bright during the time I took the pictures, but this really shows the soft grey blue that it is.

A little insight to it's history!

I just love my milk paint!  This entire project only took me about an hour (max).  I seriously appreciate the ease of the paint and the top coat finishes it off just beautifully.

This will be heading to our space at Through the Garden Gate Antiques tomorrow, along with a few other pieces!  

Now, off to painting a gateleg table....

'til next time!