Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ending a Chapter...and Moving Forward

The Decision is Made....  After ten years on this crazy journey known as Stone Creek Antiques, we have decided to close the last of our "static" locations.  Since it's inception in 2004, we have been in various locations, and even ran our own shop for a few years.  This chapter of our lives will come to a close on December 31st; however, we do plan to continue to participate in vintage markets - as schedules allow.

Why are we?  There are so many reasons.  One is that we are not getting any younger and our bones and muscles are aching all of the time.  Furniture is our thing and it's taken a huge toll on us this last year.  Since Dean is our main provider, it is so important to ensure that he does not get too overloaded where it affects his performance at work.  Yes, I could do more smalls, but you have to have some furniture to anchor the booth - and furniture has always been where my heart lies.  At any rate, the daily hauling and moving - not to mention every weekend being committed in one way or another - has worn us down through the years.  The business has been good to us, but it's definitely nothing I can retire on...and I will be working towards my future down a different, yet very familiar road.

What do I want?  To start concentrating on my own home!  For years, I have been shopping for others - never truly being able to justify keeping the things that I loved...believing the money I could make would serve a better purpose.  I have already slowed down the hunting and buying over the last month or so, taking the time to purge and clean this house from top to almost bottom (the basement is next on the list!).  I feel SO liberated and happy.  Just being able to walk through our dining room without tripping over something brings a huge smile to my face!

What's next?  I am finally putting the attention back on the decorating and updating that I have ignored for years - which is why I very seldom post pictures of our home on the blog.  However, that is about to change!!  Starting with my Christmas present this year...a NEW CAMERA!  I am beyond excited!!  My blogging will be stepped up and we'll see where that goes.  I have lots of ideas and am so anxious to get started.....I may have to convince Dean to let me have my gift a little early this year.  My list is long with home projects that I plan to share here while completing on a very tight budget.

So with that, I would like to thank all of our loyal customers that have shopped with us over the years!   We may open an on-line store with our ReDesigns and Upcycles a little later, but right now, we're taking a step back, regrouping, and then see where the road for Stone Creek will lead us next.

* * * * * * * *

I've come a long way from this younger and very naive woman..... There was a LOT left to be learned in this business!!  This was our 2nd booth in Downtown Fredericksburg in the mid-2000's....when we could sell the antique wood furniture and decorating the booth was not a huge priority.... ugh.

One of our last booths at Through the Garden Gate Antiques....  Our style has changed considerably! 

See why I can't wait to get working with my new camera!  :)  I've been having to use my cell phone and the quality is so bad.

Our home will be filled with changes starting in the New Year.  I can't wait to share the projects I have in mind!!  Painting the kitchen and cabinets, updating the bathrooms, finishing the basement, bringing in a new and fresh decor, and yes....more furniture painting projects.

**No - the yard is not all that green now.  :)  This was taken in the summertime and it's just one of my favorites.**

Please stay tuned as I am determined to bring my blog to a new level!  I am looking forward to a new and improved Simply Stone Creek!

'til next time!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Best Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Casserole

Holidays are not complete without turkey and all the fixins'.  Over the years, our family has experimented with many ways to re-use the all too often abundance of leftovers.  Sure, you can fix many a sandwich, but sometimes you just want a little something different.

This recipe is a takeoff from a dish that my mother-in-law introduced to me the first time I had Sunday dinner with them at the young age of 15.  I remember how it melted in my mouth and the taste was heavenly.  Of course, I wasn't much of a cook at that age, but since Dean and I married, I have almost mastered this recipe.  Mom D. was an excellent cook, and to even get close makes me proud. 

Here is the recipe.  I substituted turkey for the chicken in this case, and it turns out just as good. 

Chicken (Leftover Turkey) Casserole

1  3 lb chicken (or leftover turkey)
1  can cream of celery OR cream of mushroom soup
1  can cream of chicken soup
2  soup cans chicken stock
1  stick margarine
1  small onion
1  small package Pepperidge Farm herb seasoned stuffing

Boil Chicken until done and tender.  De-bone and cut into chunks.  Mix soups and stock.  In separate pan, met margarine and add onion.  Cook until onion is tender.  Add stuffing and lightly mix with fork.  In a 9x13 baking dish, layer chicken, soup mixture and stuffing, ending with soup mixture.  Bake uncovered at 350 for 35-40 minutes.  

When using turkey, just cut meat into chunks.

When I mix the soups and stock, I do it in a pitcher or large measuring cup for easy pouring.

The recipe calls for margarine, but I usually use butter.   Shhhhh :)

You can use other stuffings, but for this recipe, I am partial to this one.  This bag made two casseroles...for one you will want the smaller size bag.

Mix butter, onion and stuffing together by lightly tossing.

Layer the ingredients in.  I usually end up with two layers.

This baking dish was given to us as a wedding gift 28 years ago.....I guess that makes it vintage

Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes....


We leave no leftovers with this dish. :)

You can serve this with any sides you wish, but the unwritten rule around here is that we must have mashed potatoes and sweet peas with it.  A healthier version can be made using lowfat/low sodium soups and better-for-you margarine. 

Our daughter has turned out to be just as wonderful a cook as her grandmother and I'm hoping to share some of her great recipes throughout the holiday season.

'til next time!

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Hutch Makeover

I've had this hutch for a LONG time!  It's a leftover display piece that we used in the old store.  Since we've closed, it's been in our spare bedroom pulling duty as the computer center and collecting a lot of junk. We finally brought it down last week because I needed a large piece to display on at The Vintage Home I'm ready for it to go to a new home.

Good bones...but rather boring...(and please excuse the dust).

I've dreamed of painting this white since the day that I laid eyes on it about five years ago...and I finally got all my ducks in a row and did it.  


 So much better!  I used my go-to paint....Valspar Ultra in Antique White (available pre-mixed at Lowe's).  I usually use flat for the distressed look, but will grab eggshell when I want a little more sheen.

It was the focal point of our booth at the show....

....and will be heading to it's new home the weekend!